About us

Medserv Healthcare Solutions is a healthcare solutions company engaged in Emergency Medical Training and Healthcare Staffing services. Our unique training approach teaches people to save lives and dedicated to providing high-quality training in CPR, First Aid, Wilderness First Aid and allied medical courses.

Ashi CPR First Aid Training

Our organization run by highly experienced EMT’s, Paramedics and ex-police officers who are very passionate about saving lives. Our instructors are American Heart Association and American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) certified instructors with decades of experience and many CPR calls to their credit. Therefore when our customers learn from them, they learn from the best. That makes our classes, fun, highly interactive with real-life experiences role plays that instill the confidence to save a life when it matters most.

We are constantly evolving and developing newer, better methods in our training while maintaining a standard of our Training Centers. Most importantly we are constantly listening to our customers, students, instructors to improve. Learn CPR, First Aid and AED and other emergency training from us and find out how we are different from the others and why you will never change to another company after we have taught you.

We train professionals and non-professionals from all industries. We also have a specialized corporate training that trains Rapid Response Teams at large corporate houses who can first respond and provide timely intervention to a medical emergency such as  Cardiac Arrest before EMS arrives. Contact us for specialized corporate pricing and uniquely tailored courses.

Important Note: Online CPR AED First Aid certifications that are NOT VALID as an acceptable form of training for employment or otherwise. 

“They’re everywhere on the Internet: seemingly legitimate organizations offering “instant” CPR or first aid certification for busy people who are required to hold a current certification. And it often says right on those websites that online-only CPR or first aid certification is “nationally accepted“. It is not. No major nationally recognized training program in the United States endorses certification without practice and evaluation of hands-on skills. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration  (OSHA) online training alone does not meet OSHA first aid and CPR training requirements.”


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