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Great Instructor



Great Start Early Learning Center
Great Start Early Learning Center.

It was Excellent

In the classroom this was the best informative class.

Growville School

The Instructor was the strength.

Harding School District

Direct Learning is the best

This was an outstanding Class. Thanks so much,.

Harding School District

Lively Instructor

Personable instructor, knowledgeable which to the points instruction and training. Very efficient use of time.

Harding School District

Best Session

This classroom setting is the best session we have had so far. Excellent instructor and very strong.

Hawthorne Board Of Education

I have taken this course twice before and this is the First Time I understood everything completely. The instructor addressed our needs and concerns specifically. Very Clear and Direct. Easty to understand. Thank you. - Teacher at Crossroads Nursery School.
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Crossroads Nursery School.
Crossroads Nursery School.

Great Class, very Hands on

This was a great class.Great instructor. Very Hands on. The instructor made sure that we knew it.

Very well conducted course

It was a very well conducted course and very entertaining. We learned a lot and got an opportunity to a hands on training.


This class was excellent because of hands on training

Very informative. Nice entertaining instructor with knowledge and lots of stories and practical examples. I learned a lot. 20131220_122250

Somerset Community Action Program Inc.

I prefer this learning method

20131220_122250I took this course earlier. But I prefer this learning method. Great instructor with lots of good stories to tell. Very knowledgeable. We would like the same instructor again.

Somerset Community Action Program Inc.

Very Hands On

20131217_135656 20131217_151551A lot of good Information. Kept us all engaged.

East Brunswick Water and Sewerage Board

Excellent Instructor

"This instructor is excellent. We have learnt a great deal from his real life experiences and his teaching is interactive and fun"