Janet’s Law

Janet’s Law Compliance


Janet Zilinski

Janet’s Law compliance requires that all public and private K-12 schools in New Jersey have an automatic   external defibrillator (AED) on site. The law also requires that schools have an emergency plan in place and staff members who have received CPR/AED training.

Janet’s Law is named after Janet Zilinski, an 11 year old who died from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in August 2006 at cheer-leading practice in Warren Township, New Jersey. Janet’s parents, Jim and Karen Zilinski, worked relentlessly for six years to have the law written, passed, and signed. Janet’s Law will hopefully help prevent student deaths from SCA (Sudden Cardiac Death), so other parents won’t have to go through what the Zilinskis did.

Janet’s Law requires schools to have the following:

  • An AED identified with the appropriate signage must be made available in an unlocked location on school property. The AED must be accessible during the day and any other time when school-sponsored athletic events or team practices take place.
  • The AED must be tested and maintained according to the manufacturer’s operational guidelines.
  • A team coach or designated staff member with CPR/AED training must be present at every school-sponsored athletic event or team practice.
  • Schools must have an emergency action plan for responding to SCA that contains a list of at least five school employees with CPR/AED certifications and detailed procedures for responding to SCA events, such as calling emergency responders, retrieving and using the AED, starting CPR, and aiding emergency responders in reaching the SCA victim.

At Medsev, we help your institution comply with the law and provide a comprehensive training program to ensure remain in compliance with Janet’s Law. This include onsite drills, scene enactments, equipment familiarization. Our program is comprehensive and hands on.

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Download the NJ Janet’s Law here : JanetsLawFAQ